An ultrasound scan is a safe and painless test that creates images of organs, glands, abnormal lumps and other structures like muscles, tendons and joints. It is also used to check unborn babies during pregnancy.

    The Ultrasound Scan is used;

    •  As routine for pregnant women to monitor the growth of an unborn child and check for abnormalities.
    • To detect abnormalities of heart structures such as the Heart valves. This type of Ultrasound scan is called Echocardiography. This is commonly performed by the Cardiologist.
    • To diagnose problems of internal organs such as the:
      • Liver
      • Gallbladder
      • Pancreas
      • Lymph nodes
      • Ovaries
      • Testes
      • Kidneys
      • Bladder
      • Appendix
      • Neonatal brain
    • To diagnose problems of the  external organs also called small parts such as:
    • Breast
    • The eye
    • Joints , Muscles and Tendons
    • The thyroid
    • The scrotum
    • Penis
    • Vessels